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"We can help make your possibilities infinite."

Classes, Consulting and Speaking Engagements on Agile, Scrum, Project Management, and Brain-Based Training For Our IT World!

Topics We Discuss


From basic courses, to in-depth training we can help individuals and teams with Agile, Agile transformations, frameworks and more.


Whether it is an introduction or refresher on Scrum, we can help create knowledgeable Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and Teams with our classes!


Reduce waste, increase transparency and experience more predictable deliveries with Kanban!  We can show you how. 

Project Management

Let us help you take your project management to the next level with customized training and consulting.  


We train the trainers!  With “Training From the BACK of the Room” we share keys to teaching so learners can learn!


Connecting with people is more important, yet more challenging, than ever! We offer sessions on “Breaching the Like Barrier” and other custom classes to help improve connections!

Self Improvement

Continuous learning and self-improvement is the difference between the exemplary leaders and the rest.  We can help you inspect and adapt!  We can help you find your happy place in this IT world!

Team Building

Brand new teams or ones that have been through various stages of Tuckman’s Ladder can benefit from our Team Building! Single or multi-day engagements available.

We also are certified trainers with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY.

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Training from the back of the room - Virtual Edition


I'm Tricia Munsey, I Help Make the "Impossible" Possible!

Here at Infinity Academy and Consulting, LLC we say, “We Can Help Make Your Possibilities Infinite” and we believe it!  By training more people and sharing Agile and Scrum and more in formal and informal settings, we can make a bigger difference. With classes, speaking engagements and sessions on relevant and critical topics, we can empower others.  Through effective training and content, Infinity Academy and Consulting LLC can help open new doors and help make the “impossible” possible!

I have a passion for people and their potential. As a trainer, speaker, and coach I help individuals realize their full aptitude as I equip and empower them to make what may be a huge dream into an attainable reality.

Unique Training Topics and Results

We offer courses and consulting that are people-centric and designed  for the learners to learn and have fun while doing it.  We apply cognitive neuroscience in our class designs so every topic we teach results in a richer learning experience.  

The topics we teach range from people and connections with, “Breaching the LIKE Barrier”, better training with “Training from the BACK of the Room” practitioner courses, and custom courses to help teams understand Agile, Scrum, or Project Management.  We love to focus on people, sales, and other connection-centric topics, and can offer private courses to meet your needs. 

With years in the IT Project Management and Agile space, we love helping others learn and find new possibilities in these industries.  How can we help you?


What Clients Are Saying

“I honestly thought the class was amazing and well planned out. Great spacing of classes so the warm ups and follow ups were not too much to complete."
-Allison F
“This is an amazing course that really solidifies training techniques that people intuitively know but get suppressed by traditional training methods."
-Tiffany G

"To take the class, it's worth your time"
Hubert S

"It taught me that just because we are virtual we can still teach in a creative and engaging way and it's not hard. The possibilities are endless."

frequently asked question

Some questions you may ask!

Answer: Yes! Contact us for scheduling and rates for private classes.

Answer: Yes! We have options to pay-in-full or make installment payments using Paypal or Stripe.


Answer: Yes! We offer a Scrum Master class to teach foundational content and more. No pre-requisites!

How can we Help Make Your Possibilities Infinite?

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